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Your baby's nose

Due to anatomical and physiological features of the nasal cavity, such as immature nasal sinuses, large number of blood vessels, narrow and short nasal passages and friable mucosa, babies tend to have quite snuffy breathing from the first days of life.

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What causes nasal congestion in babies?

  • inflammation (in case of common cold, hay fever, sinusitis, rhinitis, blocked nose, allergies etc;
  • environmental factors (dry air, particles such as debris, dust, pollen and other allergens).

Nasal congestion happens when the tissues inside the nose swell or produce mucus. A baby with a nasal congestion may snort when breathing and sound "stuffy". In the first day of life, newborns may sound like they have stuffy nose because in the womb they were surrounded by fluid. Sometimes they sneeze for the first couple of days as they try to get rid this leftover fluid in their nasal passages.

If your baby has nasal congestion, it can breath through the mouth, which can make it harder for them to feed. The nasal congestion can cause breathing problems and child restless. 

How can NORMARIN BABY help your baby's nose?

NORMARIN BABY - deeply penetrating nasal irrigation spray for daily nasal hygiene in infants and babies. To help relieve nasal congestion associated with rhinitis, sinusitis, blocked nose, common cold, hay fever, allergies, postoperative nasal care etc. 

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How does NORMARIN BABY work?

It works by thinning mucus and flushing out foreign particles such as debris, dust, pollen and other allergens. 

It helps to relieve congestion of nasal mucosa and restore normal respiratory function.

NORMARIN BABY is non habit-forming and can be used together with other medications. Frequent sufferers of rhinitis and sinusitis may find that regular use of NORMARIN BABY helps to decrease the use of medicated products. 

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Is it safe to use NORMARIN BABY in newborns and infants?

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NORMARIN BABY contains sterile buffered physiological (0.9%) sea salt solution. This tonicity (0.9%) of solution is recommended for newborns and infants in cases of inflammation or effects of environmental factors. 

NORMARIN BABY has minimum possible pressure in the can. Because of that, it has very gentle spraying and can be used from the age of 0 years. 

How often NORMARIN BABY can be used?

As required individually. In case of nasal congestion: first time in the morning, before meals and at bedtime. Usually 2-4 times a day or as your doctor recommends. If necessary, it can be used more often. NORMARIN BABY has no restrictions on frequency of use.  (see more)

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