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Irrigation (lat. irrigatio – irrigation) therapy (ІТ) includes various methods of washing the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

The most recognized method of IT both by physicians and patients is washing the nasal cavity via intranasal spray based on sea water (saline).

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How does the IT work?

Solutions used in nasal irrigation reduce swelling and, respectively, inflammation through osmosis, swelling of mucosa being a major factor in sinus dysfunction. Also removal of mucus plays an important role in sinus health, and nasal irrigation facilitates this by flushing out thickened mucus that cannot be handled by the cilia, improving mucociliary clearance by moisturizing the nasal mucosa and by removing encrusted material.

Why is the IT important?

The procedure is used safely for both adults and children, and has no adverse effects. Patients treated with nasal irrigation rely less on other medications and make fewer visits to physicians. Current clinical guidelines for treatment now advocate use of nasal irrigation for all causes of rhinosinusitis and for postoperative nasal care. (See more)

Moreover, irrigation therapy accelerates the epithelization process and restores the barier function of nasal mucosa, improving the quality of life. 

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