Іrrigation therapy is recommended as an adjunctive therapy for relieving the symptoms of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis, for softening the mucus of the nasal mucosa and improving the mucociliary transport, and also in chronic rhinosinusitis and sinusitis.

Saline nasal irrigation: Nasal irrigation with saline may be used to soften vis­cous secretions and improve mucociliary clearance. The mechanical cleansing of the nasal cavity with saline has been shown to benefit patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and frequent sinusitis.

In some Cochrane reviews it is found information about trials showing limited benefit for symptom relief with nasal saline irrigation in adults. Nevertheless, nasal irrigation is a safe and inexpensive treatment option for patients seeking symptom relief.

Clinical recommendation: Mild rhinosinusitis symptoms of less than seven days duration can be managed with supportive care, including analgesics, short-term decongestants, saline nasal irrigation, and intranasal corticosteroids (Evidence rating A).

Source: Acute Rhinosinusitis in Adults. American Academy of Family Physicians , 2011.